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Nov. 3, 2020 Kersley-Dale Landing Road Evacuation Alert

Updated: Tuesday, November 3, 2020 @ 4:01 pm

Category: Evacuation Alerts

An Evacuation Alert has been issued by Cariboo Regional District at the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC).

Because of the potential danger to life and health, and risk to access/egress, the Cariboo Regional District has issued an Evacuation Alert for the following area:
• 2210, 2255, 2301, 2397, 2458, 2518 Kersley-Dale Landing Road
• and surrounding properties – See attached map
In an alert area, you must remain prepared to evacuate your premises or property should it be required. Due to ongoing activities, access to some areas may be limited. Residents will be given as much advance notice as possible prior to evacuation; however, you may receive limited notice due to changing conditions.
• If you are on an evacuation ALERT, or if you have been displaced from your home due to an emergency, please self-register for Emergency Support Services. Self-Registration will reduce wait times for evacuees and assist in
the referral process. https://ess.gov.bc.ca/

For more information contact: 1-866-759-4977


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