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July 18 UpdateJUL 18, 2019 @ 3:18 PM
Latest CRD numbers show 47 properties impacted by flooding. Residents are encourage to attend public meeting in Big Creek this Saturday, July 20.

E - South Lakeside/Dog Creek

Felker Lake - Photo by C. Norman

Area E - South Lakeside/Dog Creek

Director: Angie Delainey
Land Area: 1,749
Population: 4,129
Regional Services: Land Use Planning, Weed Control, Waste Management, Building Inspection, Bylaw Enforcement, Library System, Corporate Administration, Electoral Area Administration
Sub-Regional Services: Central Cariboo Arts and Culture, Central Cariboo Search and Rescue, Central Cariboo Leisure Services, Central Cariboo Cemetery Services, Central Cariboo Victim Services
Local Services: Gun-A-Noot Street Lighting, Esler Street Lighting, Shaw Road Lighting


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