Sulphur Cinquefoil - Potentilla recta

Description: Sulphur cinquefoil is a long-lived perennial with fibrous roots. Sulphur cinquefoil has lime-green colored leaves with hairs on both sides of the leaf. The flower is pale yellow with heart shaped petals. The stem has perpendicular hairs along the stem. This plant is similar to the native graceful cinquefoil.

Type: perennial

Habitat and Impacts: This species is found in a wide range of environmental conditions from dry grasslands to moist forests. It can grow in all light conditions except complete shade. Heavy infestations can eliminate native vegetation. This species is unpalatable and will increase under heavy grazing conditions.

Method of Spread: Sulphur cinquefoil can reproduce by seed or vegetatively. Plants can produce a moderate amount of seed, up to 1650 per plant. Most seeds land near the parent plant but animals may disperse some seeds, either ingesting them or transporting them on hair or feathers. Seeds may also be transported in cut hay or bedding material. Sulphur cinquefoil seeds do not survive well in the soil and few seeds remain viable after 2 years.

Location: Sulphur cinquefoil is widely distributed in area D and F (Central Cariboo) and area G around Lac La Hache. There are scattered sites in Quesnel, Tatlayoko Valley, 1100 Road, Sulphurous Lake and 83 Mile Road in 100 Mile House.

Management Options:

Mechanical: Hand-digging may be successful at controlling small infestations, however, removing the entire root system can be difficult.

Chemical: A number of herbicides are effective at controlling sulphur cinquefoil including Picloram, Clopyralid, 2,4-D Amine and Aminopyralid.

Biological: No biocontrol agents are currently available for sulphur cinquefoil. New agents are currently being researched.

CCCIPC Priority and Treatment Strategy: Priority 2 (containment) Central Cariboo and Priority 1 (new invader) for North Cariboo, South Cariboo, Nazko & Chilcotin, Priority N/A (not ecologically suited) for the Central Coast.

Treatment Options:

Local Level – hand-pulling small infestations.
Landscape Level - chemical treatments.


Sulphur Cinquefoil infestation

Sulphur Cinquefoil leaflet

Sulphur Cinquefoil plant


Invasive species profile taken from the Cariboo Chilcotin Coast Invasive Plant Committee Invasive Plant Regional Strategic Plan

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