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Ken Gisby

Mar 13, 2014

Chief Ken Gisby – Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Ken Gisby, resident of Greeny Lake saw a need and made it a reality. Ken has spent 41 years of his life in service to communities across BC as a fire fighter. He saw a need in Greeny Lake for a fire department and called in personal favours and used his past working relationships in the service to help outfit and supply the new service. Over the past seven years, this independent volunteer fire department has become certified by the Fire Underwriters, built a new fire hall, and has well trained fire fighters and first responders and has been able to accomplish these feats while remaining debt free.

In November of 2013, Chief Gisby was recognized for 40 years of fire service in the province. Greeny Lake Volunteer Fire Department has benefited from those years of knowledge, his contacts and Ken’s own brand of determination.

Chief Gisby has dedicated much of his life to community service and fire-fighting. For these reasons, he is truly a Home Town Hero.

If you live in the Greeny Lake area and are not sure as to whether you have fire protection, contact Ken Gisby at 250-396-7463.


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