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Sam Ketcham Pool Next Steps

Jan 29, 2015

Central Cariboo -  Following a successful public information process, the November 15, 2014 referendum to enable the Cariboo Regional District to borrow up to $10 million for the Sam Ketcham Pool Upgrade passed with a support level of 68 per cent.


The Sam Ketcham Pool, located in the West Fraser Aquatic Centre at the Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex will undergo an extensive renovation upgrade over the next two years. The next step in the project will focus on the procurement of the necessary consultants for development of detailed designs. The drafting of the procurement documents is in progress, as is the collection of all existing background reports and materials.


A Sam Ketcham Pool Project Working Group has been formed and the Terms of Reference have been established. This group will guide the detailed design and construction process, including procuring and working with architectural, engineering and other consultants as required; and engage key stakeholder groups and the public as appropriate throughout the project.


“After working on the preliminary steps that led to the 2014 successful referendum, the Central Joint Committee and Working Group is keen to get this project underway,” stated Central Cariboo Joint Committee Co-Chair, Director Joan Sorley. “This project is long overdue and I am sure the end result will be an aquatic facility which will greatly improve recreation opportunities and could potentially encourage families to relocate to the Central Cariboo.”


“We are pleased the project is moving forward and we look forward to the day we get shovels in the ground,” stated Central Cariboo Joint Committee Co-Chair, Mayor Walt Cobb. “Although much of the work over the next year is behind the scenes, it is essential to ensuring we get the quality product that our community deserves.”


A preliminary high level timeline for the project is as follows:



  • Establishment of the Project Working Group

February and March

  • Initiate procurement for i) architectural design services, ii) development of the traffic flow and parking plan, iii) Project Management services.

April and May

  • Award of service contracts for the above components at the scheduled joint committee meeting(s), with endorsement to follow by the Regional District Board.

May to November

  • Development of schematic, detailed design and construction drawings.




  • Request for Qualifications process to short list general contractors

February and March

  • Tender process for construction


  • Sixteen to twenty month construction process begins.



October – estimated date of construction completion.


To support the project, the Regional District and the City continue to pursue funding from other sources and have applied to the Northern Development Initiative Trust for $650,000 and the Federal Gas Tax Strategic Priorities Fund administered by the Union of BC Municipalities for $4 million. If the applications are successful, it will reduce the amount of funding the Regional District must borrow for the project and save local taxpayers those financing costs. It is expected that the success of these applications will be known later this year.


A Facebook page dedicated to helping provide information to residents and an opportunity for residents to ask questions can be found at facebook.com/SamKetchamPool. A Twitter feed can also be found at @SKPProject. Project updates will also be posted on the Cariboo Regional District website at cariboord.ca and on the City of Williams Lake site at williamslake.ca.


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