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CRD Board Highlights - March 6, 2015

Mar 6, 2015

CRD Board Highlights - March 6, 2015


Orange Shirt Day Update

         Orange Shirt Day Committee members Phyllis Webstad and Jerome Beauchamp provided CRD Board members with an update on the September 2015 event. The purpose of the annual event is to continue the reconciliation process and raise awareness about the residential school experience and that every child matters. More information is available on Facebook at facebook.com/orangeshirtdayeverychildmatters

CRD Reviews 2015 Proposed Budgets

         During the March 5 Finance Budget meeting, the Board of Directors reviewed the proposed 2015 Business Plans for the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District and the Cariboo Regional District. The provisional budget sits at a one percent decrease on existing services, while new and improved services are at a 7.1 per cent increase. The majority of the increase is a result of the successful North Cariboo Arena Project and the Sam Ketcham Pool Renovations & Upgrade referendums held in 2015. The provisional budgets will be brought forward to the March 27 Board meeting for final adoption. Documents can be viewed on the March 5 agenda on the CRD website at cariboord.ca. 

Central and South Cariboo Mental Health Gaps Analysis

         The Cariboo Regional District Board of Directors reviewed the recent Central and South Cariboo Mental Health Services Gaps Analysis report. The CRD, together with community partners including Interior Health, local Canadian Mental Health Association branches, Aboriginal Health and Social Services, local government, policing, education, non-profit and government agencies, applied to the BC Healthy Communities Society and secured the Learn & Connect Grant. This grant was used to undertake a study to analyse gaps in mental health services in the Central and South Cariboo.        

         The analysis was conducted between Aug. 2014 and Dec. 2014 and consisted of an online survey distributed to mental health service providers. Service providers completed 52 surveys while community members completed 33. This study focused on identifying and analysing gaps that could be addressed by improving inter-agency collaboration. The strengths of current mental health service provision and resources were explored along with potential barriers to inter-agency cooperation. The full report is available for viewing on the CRD website at cariboord.ca. 

Support for Skyfest

         The North Cariboo rural directors will be providing funding support to the 2015 Quesnel Skyfest Airshow. A total of $3,500 will be given to Skyfest through Electoral Area Discretionary Funds with $1500 from Electoral Area A, $1,000 from Electoral Area B and $500 from both Electoral Area’s C and I. 

Support for West Chilcotin Healthcare Society

         The CRD Board of Directors will be providing a letter of support to the West Chilcotin Healthcare Society for their funding application to the Heart & Stroke Foundation and provincial funding program. If approved, the Society will be using the funding to purchase Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) for the West Chilcotin. 

North Central Local Government Association (NCLGA)

         The Cariboo Regional District has appointed Electoral Area F Director Joan Sorley as the representative for the Cariboo Regional District on the NCLGA Executive. This will be Sorley’s second consecutive term on the NCLGA Executive as the CRD representative. 

CRD Bylaw Enforcement – A Year in Review

         The Cariboo Regional District’s Board of Directors received the 2014 CRD’s Bylaw Enforcement annual report. The department dealt with 183 files, 111 of which required enforcement action from staff and the remaining 72 files were outside CRD jurisdiction and either referred to other agencies or closed. Animal Control remains the most frequently requested service; a service that is not provided by the CRD at this time. Bylaw Enforcement, which remains complaint driven, has primarily focused on initiating enforcement of building inspection, solid waste management, invasive plant management and water management bylaws.        

         There were approximately 35 sites that were identified as building without a permit and were attended by a Building Official and some of these site visits were accompanied with a Bylaw Enforcement Officer. Bylaw Enforcement also partnered with Solid Waste Management Services, to create a presence at various transfer stations during their conversion to controlled sites. The intent was to provide education to the public about the bylaw and assist the operators with problem clients. In 2014, Bylaw Enforcement also provided assistance to the Invasive Plant Management crews with one file that received notice and will continue to coordinate with crews in 2015. Further information about the CRD Bylaw Enforcement Services is available online at cariboord.ca. 

9-1-1 Agreement

         The CRD Board endorsed a new three-year agreement with the Regional District of Fraser Fort George (RDFFG) for the provision of 9-1-1 services. The new agreement results in savings of approximately $382,904. This is a very significant reduction that will allow the building of capital reserves for future CRD infrastructure needs as well as a reduction in taxation.  Last year the primary answering service was moved to E-Comm. 

Next Meeting

         CRD Board Meeting – March 27, 2015


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