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CRD Board Highlights - March 27, 2015

Mar 27, 2015

CRD Board Highlights - March 27, 2015

CRD, CCRHD & CRD Budgets Endorsed

         During the meeting, the Cariboo Regional Hospital District (CRHD), the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District (CCRHD) and the Cariboo Regional District (CRD) proposed 2015 Budgets and Five-Year Financial Plans were adopted. The total CRD requisition increase is at six per cent. New and improved services sits at approximately a seven per cent increase and includes two large capital projects which were approved through 2014 referenda (North Cariboo Arena Replacement project and the Sam Ketcham Pool upgrade in the Central Cariboo).  For existing services throughout the region, there is an overall decrease of one per cent. Budgets will be posted on the CRD website next week at cariboord.ca

Healthcare Recruitment

         Susan Paulsen, Healthcare Recruitment Coordinator, from the Quesnel Community and Economic Corporation, appeared before the Board to provide an update about current recruitment and retention activities in Quesnel.  The project focused on research, recruitment strategies, the relocation guide, community partnerships and the resulting action items. Further information about the recruitment and retention strategies of the Quesnel Economic Development Corporation is available online at quesnelinfo.com

National Public Works Week

         The Cariboo Regional District has declared May 17-23 as National Public Works Week throughout the Cariboo Chilcotin. This year marks the 55th annual Public Works Week which draws attention to the importance of public works in community life. This year’s theme is “Community Begins Here”. 

Little Britches Rodeo Special Projects Funding

         The Cariboo Regional District Electoral Areas G, H and L will be accessing $50 each from their Special Projects funds to sponsor the 100 Mile & District Outriders Club’s Little Britches Rodeo. This year’s event is being held May 16, 2015. More information about the Little Britches Rodeo is available online at 100mileoutriders.com/rodeo.html

Interlakes Economic Association

         The Cariboo Regional District will be providing a letter of support for the Interlakes Economic Association application for funding under the Northern Development Initiative Trust Business Façade Improvement Program. The funding will be used to aid business owners with the improvement of retail and commercial building frontages in order to enhance the Interlakes communities as appealing, interesting and friendly places to do business, visit and live. The maximum annual funding per local government for the Business Façade Program is $20,000 and the Regional District has already supported a request from the community of Likely for $5,400; the Interlakes Association is requesting the remaining allocation of $14,600.  

Community Works Funding Approved

Up to $11,000 of Community Works funds were approved from the 2015 Community Halls Improvements envelope by the CRD Board for the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association. The Association requested the funding to install energy efficient exterior doors at the Williams Lake Sportsmen’s Association Clubhouse. 

         Later in the meeting, the Board of Directors also approved a request for up to $6,600 of Community Works Funding for the Lone Butte Historical Association. The funding will be used to perform work to prevent basement flooding and install insulation at the Alice Singleton Heritage House. Annual flooding of the basement has resulted in significant use of the sump pump, adding greatly to the Association’s yearly hydro use, and damage to the old furnace that had to be replaced at a cost of $4,000. 

Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure

         At the request of the Electoral Area E Director Byron Kemp, the Cariboo Regional District will be sending a letter to the Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI) to request upgrades to the Highway 97 and Enterprise Road. The request will be for the Ministry to add lighting to the intersection and the addition of a turning lane off Highway 97 north onto Enterprise Road be implemented to help mitigate the hazard that is currently posed to travellers on this route. 

         The Board will also be sending a letter to MOTI to request that the quality of paint used to mark highways throughout the region be restored to the previous reflective product. The current materials being used are of an inferior quality, wear off quickly and are very difficult to see during inclement weather conditions. 

Procurement & Investment policies endorsed

         During today’s Board meeting, the CRD endorsed new procurement and investment policies. The purpose of the Procurement Policy is to achieve the best overall value for the Cariboo Regional District, its customers, and taxpayers in its acquisition of goods and services. The overriding objective is to select qualified suppliers in a way that is open, fair, transparent and non-discriminatory. 

         The Investment Policy is designed to provide the framework for investment portfolio management. The Regional District invests CRD funds in a manner that will provide the optimal blend of investment security and return while meeting the short and long-term cash flow demands and comply with the statutory requirements of the Local Government Act. 

Next Meeting

         CRD Board Meeting – April 24, 2015


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