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July 18 UpdateJUL 18, 2019 @ 3:18 PM
Latest CRD numbers show 47 properties impacted by flooding. Residents are encourage to attend public meeting in Big Creek this Saturday, July 20.

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CRD urges Province to permit restricted restart of Mount Polley

Jun 18, 2015

CRD urges Province to permit restricted restart of Mount Polley


Williams Lake, B.C. – The Cariboo Regional District has expressed its support for the restricted restart of the Mount Polley Mine to the Minister of Energy and Mines, The Honourable Bill Bennett and the Minister of Environment, The Honourable Mary Polak.

The CRD has also requested the government to include the Cariboo Regional District and the community of Likely in future discussions regarding the mine and its operations, to share the Emergency Response Plan with First Nations, the Cariboo Regional District, and the community of Likely; and to maintain and expand the role of the Public Liaison Committee to truly gather input from the community.

The Cariboo Regional District Board has been receiving regular updates from the provincial ministries on the restart application and has been provided with the submissions made to government during the public consultation process.

A decision on the restricted restart of Mount Polley is expected to be rendered by the Province by mid-July 2015.


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