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CRD Board Highlights - July 10, 2015

Jul 14, 2015

CRD Board Highlights - July 10, 2015

Interior Health Updates

         Peter Du Toit, Acute Health Service Director for Interior Health, provided an update regarding the Cariboo Memorial Hospital (CMH) redevelopment project, mental health services, and physician recruitment. Mr. Du Toit reported that the concept plan for the CMH redevelopment plan has been submitted to the Ministry of Health. Highlights of the concept plan include a new wing; improvements to Emergency Room, Ambulatory Care, Inpatient Care, and Pharmacy Services; and improved parking. Further information concerning the redevelopment plan can be viewed online, along with other Interior Health news at interiorhealth.ca.


Training & Recruitment of Health Care Professionals

         The Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District (CCRHD) Board received a news release from Northern Health, announcing an expansion in Specialist services in the Quesnel. Over the last two years the community has recruited a psychiatrist and a replacement ear, nose, and throat specialist. Quesnel is also home to internal medicine and surgical services, with a second internist slated to arrive in August of 2015. Further information about Northern Health is available online at northernhealth.ca.


Dunrovin Lodge Energy Conservation Measures

         The CCRHD Board approved total funding in the amount of $128,702, representing 40 per cent of the total cost of the Dunrovin Energy Conservation Measures project. The necessary capital expenditure bylaw will be brought forward to the Board at its August 21, 2015 meeting for three readings and adoption.


Long-term Plans for Roads

         Todd Hubner, representing the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, spoke to the Board regarding the Ministry’s long-term plan for roads in the Cariboo region affected by landslide or flooding issues. Further information about some of the projects within the region and more can be found on their website at gov.bc.ca/tran.


Support for Spinal Cord Research Funding

         The Cariboo Regional District Board will be providing a letter to Spinal Cord Injury BC to support their application for financial support from several different sources for “Access North” 2024 projects. “Access North” 24 is an initiative which will act as an umbrella for a number of projects that will look at access and inclusion for people with disabilities in Northern BC; some of these initiatives include accessible outdoor recreation spaces, passenger train accessibility, and a video production that will celebrate accessible parks and tourism opportunities throughout Northern BC and showcase the area. 


Accessibility Analysis for Cariboo Memorial Complex

         The Cariboo Regional District’s Grant Writer will be exploring opportunities for grant funding to help improve accessibility at the Cariboo Memorial Complex. 


Community Works Funds Allocated

         The Cariboo Regional District authorized up to $180,000 of Community Works Funds for capital improvements to the 103 Mile Water System, should a local service be established. Earlier this year, the Board resolved to use up to $3,000 of Rural Feasibility Funds to conduct a study after receiving a request from Saunders Enterprises Ltd., to take over the 103 Mile Water Utility.


NDIT Projects Receive Support from CRD             

         The CRD Board of Directors resolved to support three funding applications to the Northern Development Initiative Trust (NDIT) Regional Development Funding program.  

         The first project was a request from Miocene Community Club. If approved, a total of $20,766 will be used for the installation of new exterior siding, an energy efficient furnace, new energy efficient windows and a new well system for the Miocene Community Hall.  

         Two projects from the Horsefly Community Club also received support.  If approved, a total of $30,000 will be used to purchase and install new exterior insulation, siding, and fascia boards for the Horsefly Community Hall; and a total of $15,000 will be used to install new insulating wrap to the exterior of the Horsefly Community Hall.


UBCM Resolutions

         The Cariboo Regional District Board resolved to forward two resolutions to the 2015 Union of BC Municipalities convention. 

         The first resolution is to lobby the Ministry of Advanced Education and the BC Treasury Board for the establishment of a Physiotherapy Program at the University of Northern BC to provide for 20 more physiotherapy academic seats.  

         The second resolution is to call upon the Province to deliver the full allowable cut under the BC Timber Sales program, complete a science-based inventory of the available timber supply, and move assertively to increase operating certainty on the working forest land base.


Discontinuation of Budget Consultation Open House Sessions

         The Cariboo Regional District will discontinue    the sub-regional Budget Consultation meetings   which have traditionally been held in January each year. Instead, budget information will be made available on the CRD website as well as having copies available for public viewing at the front counter of CRD offices and libraries.


Thank you to the City of Williams Lake

         The CRD wishes to thank the City of Williams Lake Council and staff for graciously hosting the July 10 Board meeting in Council Chambers. The CRD Boardroom is being utilized as an Emergency Operations Centre. Your assistance was sincerely appreciated. 


Next Board Meeting

August 21, 2015



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