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CRD Board Highlights - January 15, 2016

Jan 15, 2016

CRD Board Highlights - January 15, 2016

Election of CCRHD Chair and Vice‐Chair

         The Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District (CCRHD) re-elected their Chair and Vice Chair for 2016. Electoral Area C Director, John Massier was re-elected Chair and Electoral Area H Director, Margo Wagner was re-elected as Vice Chair. This marks the fourth straight term as Hospital District Chair and Vice Chair for Massier and Wagner.


Interior Health Capital Funding Approved

         The CCFRHD Board endorsed the 2016/2017 Capital Funding request from the Interior Health Authority. The funding in the amount of $1,713,000, represents 40 per cent of the total cost of various projects. At the Cariboo Memorial Hospital there will be replacements of the Building Management System, CT Scanner and general radiographic systems. In 100 Mile House, the Fire Sprinkler System at the Mill Site Lodge and general radiographic systems will be replaced. Forms on Demand and Patient Identification Systems as well as infrastructure investments required for new Medstations (Automated Dispensing Cabinets) will take place at various facilities throughout the region. More information about Interior Health projects is available online at interiorhealth.ca.


NDIT Intern Program

         The Cariboo Regional District has submitted an application to the Northern Development Initiative Trust’s (NDIT) Cariboo-Chilcotin/Lillooet Regional Development Account to host a local government management intern. The request is for $35,000 in grant funding to host the intern for a 12-month period. The program provides recent university graduates with work placement opportunities with local governments throughout central and northern B.C. The program is designed to provide individuals with an interest in local government management an opportunity to receive training, mentorship and experience allowing them to secure future permanent placements in local government management positions.


Anahim Lake Generating Station

         Hamid Tamehi, NIA Engineering Team Lead, Megan Harris, Stakeholder Engagement Lead, and David Mosure, Community Relations Manager, via teleconference, introduced a three-year pilot project planned at the Anahim Lake Generating Station. The project, which is scheduled to commence in the fall of 2016, is being conducted to see how using LNG fuels helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fuel costs. It is anticipated by BC Hydro there will be significant reductions and hope to run the pilot on more than 60 per cent natural gas. More information about other BC Hydro projects underway is available online at bchydro.com.


North Cariboo Economic Development Funding

         With the dissolution of the Quesnel Community Economic Development Corporation (QCEDC), the Cariboo Regional District resolved to maintain funds for the North Cariboo. The funds which have been traditionally committed to the QCEDC in the amount of $23,000 will be maintained within the Cariboo Regional District budget to fund project specific proposals from the City of Quesnel or other North Cariboo agencies and groups.


Northern Health Update

         Michael McMillan, Chief Operation Officer Northern Interior, and Debbie Strang, Health Service Administrator, Quesnel Health Services, Northern Health, joined the CCRHD Board of Directors via teleconference to provide updates on the GR Baker Master Planning process, ICU/ER renovation and the Primary Care Clinic. They also delivered information on a number projects underway in the Quesnel area including the successes of the recruitment and retention of health care providers. Further information about Northern Health is available online at northernhealth.ca.


Interlakes Report Received

         The Cariboo Regional District received a report prepared by Circle Square Solutions and George Abbott. The report focuses on a review of the current service delivery arrangements and issues related to governance in the Interlakes Area in the south Cariboo. The Board of Directors requested that staff bring back a report to identify how any of the 11 recommendations in the report could be implemented within a regional context. The report can be viewed online at cariboord.ca


Community Works Funds for North Cariboo Arena Project

         The Cariboo Regional District endorsed a recommendation from the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee (NCJPC) regarding the North Cariboo Arena Replacement Project. The request asked that a total of $525,000 from the Cariboo Regional District Community Works Fund be allocated to the Arena Replacement Project in the North Cariboo for energy saving features in the project design.


Next Board Meeting

Committee of the Whole – February 9, 2016

CCRHD & CRD Boards – February 10, 2016


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