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16-09 108 Mile Water System Improvement Assent Vote Results Official

Mar 2, 2016

108 Mile Water System Improvement Assent Vote Results Official

Eighty-one per cent say yes to increased requisition


South Cariboo – The Cariboo Regional District’s Chief Election Officer has declared the results of the 108 Mile Water System Improvement Vote held this past Saturday as official.  Residents in the 108  Mile Water Service Area voted to determine whether they wish to undertake borrowing for improvements to their water system. Upgrades are needed to address high concentrations of manganese, and develop an alternative ground water supply to help reduce lake level declines. The project will involve a water treatment plant, new groundwater supply well and up to 3 km of water main.  To support the project, federal grant funding of $1.96 million has been secured for the water treatment plant.

Residents voted on the following question:

“Are you in favour of the Cariboo Regional District borrowing up to two million dollars to construct a new well, water main and water treatment plant at the 108 Mile Water System? The combined costs to build and operate the improved system would be as follows:

1)  Parcel tax of approximately $250 per year for 15 years, starting in 2016; and

2)  Increased user fee to approximately $284 per year per single family residence, starting in 2017.

To accommodate the above, an amendment to the current service bylaw is necessary to increase the annual maximum tax requisition to the greater of $400,000 or an amount raised by applying a tax rate of $1.61/$1,000 of assessment to the net taxable value of land and improvements in the service area.”

A total of 515 residents cast their ballots with eighty one per cent saying yes to the increased requisition.  The following is a breakdown by advance polls, general voting day and mail ballots:

Advance February 17th: Yes – 55 No – 17

Advance February 22nd: Yes – 99 No – 20

General Voting Day (February 27th): Yes – 252 No – 59

Mail Ballots: Yes – 9 No – 4

Total: Yes – 415 No - 100




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