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CRD Board Highlights - July 22, 2016

Jul 25, 2016

CRD Board Highlights - July 22, 2016 

CIRD Update

         Trevor Barnes and Laurie Walters from the Central Interior Rural Division (CIRD) of Family Practice provided an update to the Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District (CCRHD) Board on their recent projects and successes. The CIRD works to recruit and retain medical professionals in the Central and South Cariboo.

         Recently, the CIRD developed physician recruitment videos and created a financial calculator for prospective medical professionals to evaluate their financial situation if they moved to the Cariboo versus other regions. They also launched a locum program this year which has been very successful and well-received. Over the last year, the CIRD has welcomed an Internist and a Child Psychiatrist to Williams Lake. They also have four International Medical Graduates coming to the region by January 2017.

         Trevor and Laurie also gave an overview of the CIRD’s new Tick Tock Find Us a Doc regional physician recruitment campaign. This campaign, which will be funded by community sponsors, is a pro-active initiative to recruit doctors to the Central and South Cariboo. The CCRHD is a partner in this campaign. More information about the CIRD and their recruitment campaign can be found on their website www.divisionsbc.ca/cird and Facebook page www.facebook.com/CentralInteriorRuralDivision/.


Danger Tree Assessments on CRD Recreation Properties

         The Cariboo Regional District Board endorsed a risk management policy for danger trees on Regional District recreation properties and recommended that a coordinated danger tree assessment be undertaken for recreation properties with treed areas according to the provincial standard. The cost for these assessments will be attributed to the operational budget for each property.


Poster from Williams Lake Stampede Association

         The CRD received a framed poster from the Williams Lake Stampede Association commemorating the 90th anniversary of the Williams Lake Stampede. CRD Directors were pleased to participate in many recent events throughout the Cariboo including local Canada Day celebrations, Williams Lake Stampede, B.C. Elders Gathering and Billy Barker Days.


Economic Development Supported in East Chilcotin

         A proposed Electoral Area K Economic Development Service bylaw was endorsed by the Board. The service will be used to support projects and activities that develop and improve the local economy. Some of the sectors which could benefit from this proposed bylaw include tourism, agriculture, natural resource development and the retention and attraction of businesses and residents.


BC Utilities Commission Looking For Feedback

         The BC Utilities Commission is asking for feedback from residential electricity customers of BC Hydro or Fortis BC without access to natural gas. They are seeking comments on the impacts you have experienced or identified from the residential inclining block electricity rates and your awareness of ways to mitigate any impacts. Information on how to submit comments can be found on our Facebook page www.facebook.com/CaribooRegion.

         The Cariboo Regional District will also be submitting a comment expressing concerns about how customers are penalized due to the two-tiered system for natural gas.


Electoral Area Discretionary Funds Approved

         The Board of Directors authorized $500 in discretionary funds from Electoral Areas A, B, C and I for the Quesnel & District Chamber of Commerce’s Annual Business Excellence Awards. The $500 will be used to support the Chamber of Commerce as it recognizes the contributions of businesses in the Quesnel area. The funds will be allocated as Electoral Area A-$250, Electoral Area B-$150, Electoral Area C-$50 and Electoral Area I-$50.

         The CRD Board authorized up to $300 of Electoral Area F Discretionary funds to host a lunch and purchase a gift in appreciation of the service of an Area F Advisory Planning Commission member.

         The Board also approved a request for a total of $240 in discretionary funds from Electoral Area G. This money will help the 108 Greenbelt Commission mow the emergency exit at 108 Mile.        

         The Regional District Directors also authorized $500 of Electoral Area K Discretionary Funds for the Big Creek Roundup.


CRD Sends Letters of Support

         The CRD Board will be sending a letter to Northern Development Initiative Trust’s (NDIT) Fabulous Festivals & Events program in support of the annual Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Association. The Association is applying for funding support from NDIT to deliver the annual Gold Rush Trail Sled Dog Mail Run.

         The Board will also be writing a letter to the Minister of Environment in support of the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors. The Metro Vancouver Board is requesting an amendment to the B.C. Recycling Regulation to require the implementation of an Extended Producer Responsibility program for mattresses and other bulky furniture by 2017.


Next Meeting – August 26, 2016



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