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CEI Named Prime Consultant for North Cariboo Area Project

Jun 27, 2014

CEI Architecture Named Prime Consultant for North Cariboo Arena Replacement Project

North Cariboo – The Cariboo Regional District (CRD) Board of Directors endorsed a resolution from the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee (NCJPC) to award the contract of Prime Consultant for the North Cariboo Arena Replacement Project to CEI Architecture.

The pre-referendum Request for Proposals indicated that “it is the Owner’s intention that should the referendum be successful, negotiations with the successful proponent for full design services/prime consultant will immediately take place, with a view to contract signing and moving forward with the work immediately following the referendum.” A total of nine architectural firms submitted proposals.

As Prime Consultant, CEI Architecture will be responsible for co-ordination of the architectural, structural, mechanical, refrigeration, electrical design, as well as civil engineering, and site development and landscaping. They will be responsible for providing design and engineered documents and for ensuring code compliance.

CEI will also be responsible for interior design including furniture layout and circulation, integration of conservation and green building technology, building envelope design, the demolition of Arena 1, and the integration of Arena 2 into the overall site-plan.  Construction of the project will begin in April, 2015, while substantial completion is scheduled for September, 2016.

“We were pleased with the pre-referendum work that CEI completed for us, given the rather tight time constraints they were under,” stated CRD Vice-Chair Ted Armstrong. “We look forward to working with them on the next phase of this project, and are expecting the same excellent service we received from this firm during the pre-referendum design stage.”

“We are extremely pleased that CEI Architecture will continue to work with our community with respect to the design for our new arena,” says Mayor Mary Sjostrom. “The design work previously done by CEI Architecture provides a great level of confidence in their ability to engage with the community and develop a sound design for Quesnel.”

Staff are continuing to work with the architect to update and revise their work plan. The CRD and the City of Quesnel, in collaboration with CEI will be undertaking another design charrette (consultation) process July 21 and 22, 2014. Further details about the next steps and the consultation sessions will be announced soon.




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