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CRD Launches New Online Mapping System

Jul 25, 2014

CRD launches new online public mapping system

New online public service provided by the Regional District 

Cariboo Regional District – The Cariboo Regional District has unveiled a new online public mapping system on the CRD’s corporate website located at cariboord.ca. The new proprietary online mapping system, designed and built internally by CRD staff, is an interactive tool which will allow residents and visitors a new way of locating existing facilities and landmarks within the region. It will also provide an opportunity to learn more about the Cariboo Regional District and the services it provides as a local government. 

This online mapping system is a new public service provided by the Cariboo Regional District. It is a user-friendly, interactive web based tool that allows users to search, analyse and display information provided from the Cariboo Regional District Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Department. This tool provides information on properties (lands and buildings), points of interest, roads, reserves, service areas, and water features. 

“The Cariboo Regional District has optimized the use of our website to facilitate better communications with all residents and audiences,” says CRD Chair Al Richmond. “This new online public mapping system brings an interactive element to our website that allows residents and visitors the ability to locate different features, services and facilities which they may be looking for.”

Earlier this year, the CRD launched its new website which is highlighted by improved navigation, search engine optimization, enhanced internal search capabilities, mobile device compatibility, and is compatible with all major browsers in a user-friendly layout. The goal of the redesign was to modernize the look and feel, while making the website more useable, professional, and adaptable. The CRD website has been developed to provide information and interactivity for and with residents, visitors, and the general public who live, work, or play within the Cariboo Chilcotin.




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