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Evacuation alerts lifted to all clear in portions of the Plateau Fire Area

Sep 12, 2017

Williams Lake, B.C. – Effective immediately, the Cariboo Regional District and Tŝideldel/Redstone announced today that a two evacuation alerts in the Plateau Fire area have been lifted to all clear.

Evacuation alerts have been lifted for CRD areas northeast of Nazko, Highway 20 to south of Tzenzaicut Lake and the remaining Tŝideldel/Redstone areas. An evacuation alert remains in place for the Kluskus, Blackwater, Clisbako & Nazko Area. See a map of the affected areas: http://bit.ly/2jn2Ty1                      

View the CRD’s searchable online map to see current alerts and orders: http://arcg.is/2uGik7U

An evacuation alert or order may need to be re-issued as wildfire activity continues in the area, air quality remains poor and additional areas within the CRD remain on evacuation alert or order.

To ensure public safety, stay out of fire affected areas and obey all warning and hazard signs.

For rural properties that have been impacted by wildfire, residents should be aware there may be danger trees in wildfire affected areas. Home owners and private land owners are recommended to work with an insurance agency to have an assessment done by a qualified arborist on their private property.

If you have any questions for Emergency Support Services (ESS) please call 587-645-5185.

Residents are strongly encouraged to register for the Cariboo Chilcotin Emergency Notification System to receive a text, call or email regarding Evacuation Alerts and Orders: https://member.everbridge.net/index/453003085612292#/signup

For Cariboo Regional District information, please visit cariboord.ca or facebook.com/CRDEmergencyOperations or @CaribooRD. Or call the CRD’s public information line at 1-866-759-4977, which is open 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

Information for Livestock Producers and Farmers

As a reminder, livestock producers and farmers returning to their agri-business operations after the “all clear” has been given, who have been eligible for Relocation Assistance through the EOC, have 96 hours to return their livestock to the farm under the current policy. 

Additionally, the Federal and Provincial governments recently made an announcement regarding the Agri-Recovery program.  This program is intended to assist agri-business operators recover through the winter of 2017 and into spring of 2018.  Program details can be found here: https://news.gov.bc.ca/releases/2017PREM0079-001535

Any concerns regarding the removal and transport of livestock, supply of feed and recovery in the agri-business sector can be directed to the Cariboo Regional District at 1-866-759-4977.

Remaining On Evacuation Alert

Since some area are on evacuation alert, residents should remain prepared for an evacuation by:

  • Having a plan to transport all family members or co-workers outside the area, should the area be brought back under evacuation order.
  • Keeping essential items readily available for a quick departure, including medications, eyeglasses, valuable papers (i.e. insurance), immediate care needs for dependents and, if you choose, keepsakes (photographs, etc).
  • Ensuring that any dependents are prepared for departure.
  • Ensuring that pets and livestock remain in a safe area.
  • Ensuring that you have accommodation options for your family, if possible. A Reception Centre will be made available again if required.
  • Monitoring reliable news sources for evacuation order information. Further information will be issued as it becomes available.





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