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Fuel management in Walker Valley greenbelt

Jan 16, 2018

Fuel management work is scheduled for the Walker Valley Greenbelt in the 108 Mile Ranch area over the next month to reduce the risk of an interface fire and remove hazardous burnt trees. The 108 Greenbelt Commission is coordinating the project with support from the Cariboo Regional District and the 108 Mile Volunteer Fire Department.

Last summer’s wildfire burned about 50 hectares of forest on the far side of the Walker Valley Greenbelt near Tatton Station Road. Many of the burned trees are still standing and have become a danger. Not only are they weakened and at risk of falling, those that survived may attract bark beetles, which could spread to other healthy trees in the greenbelt or other forested areas in the community. This work will remove the hazard and help prevent the potential impact of bark beetles.

Further, the forested area on the west side of Walker Valley will be selectively thinned by an average of 40 per cent in order to restore the forest density to its historic norm. This is a continuation of the Fire Smart fuel management work undertaken in recent years in greenbelt areas throughout the 108 Mile Ranch area.

“This work is necessary and timely for our community following the 2017 wildfires. It is important we take steps to protect our community and the health of our forests,” comments Electoral Area G Director Al Richmond. “One of our 2018 business plan goals is to assess the fire-impacted areas of the greenbelt to determine if rehabilitation activities or further fire prevention measures are necessary. This is one of the steps forward in that regard.”

Work is expected to begin shortly and will take four to six weeks to complete. During that time, the public is asked to stay out of this area – including the old logging road. There will be active logging underway with trucks and equipment going back and forth from Tatton Station Road. Please stay safe by staying clear of the area.

The attached map outlines the approximate area where logging will occur.

Inevitably, there will be noise from the logging operations, especially for those living close to Walker Valley. Work will begin as early as 5 a.m.

“On behalf of the 108 Greenbelt Commission, we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and patience. The contractor will complete his work as quickly as he can,” says Ron Soeder, 108 Greenbelt Commission Chair.

The 108 Greenbelt Service was established by the Cariboo Regional District in 1996 to provide for the management of the 108 Greenbelt lands, which cover approximately 575 hectares throughout the 108 Mile Ranch community, and provide opportunities for public recreation. The property is held under title by the CRD and managed by the 108 Greenbelt Commission whose members are appointed by the Board on recommendation of the Electoral Area G Director.

For more information, visit cariboord.ca.


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