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Public Information Advisory - Mitt Lake Dam

Aug 14, 2014

Thursday, August 14, 2014

EOC – Mitt Lake – 14-01


Public Information Advisory issued for Dam at Mitt Lake

 Mitt Lake, B.C. – The Cariboo Regional District has issued a public information advisory for a private dam on Mitt Lake.  A recent assessment of the dam by a provincial inspector discovered erosion at the toe of the dam which requires immediate repairs.  

The consequence rating for the dam is low and potential impacts from a failure would likely be contained largely on the dam owner’s property. However, it was apparent from the site visit that the lake is being used locally for recreational purposes. Dam failure, or work on the dam, will result in lowered lake levels and could affect recreational activities.  

The dam owner is undertaking a required assessment of the dam which requires a reduction of the lake level by a minimum of one metre. 







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