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Finding wildfire information in the Cariboo

Jul 18, 2018

While the wildfire season is off to a positive start in the Cariboo compared to last year, it is still important to be prepared ahead of any disaster. One aspect of emergency preparedness is knowing where to find information during an emergency.

Where to find information

First, it is important to know who provides what information during a wildfire emergency:

  • The BC Wildfire Service provides public information around wildfire activity, fire danger rating, fire bans and other information related to wildfire operations.
  • Local governments, such as the Cariboo Regional District, municipality or First Nations government, provide public information around evacuation orders and alerts and Emergency Support Services. A local government Emergency Operations Centre activates when a wildfire is threatening public safety, evacuation alerts or orders need to be issued, or Emergency Support Services need to be activated on a large scale.
  • Local governments, and other agencies like health authorities or the Red Cross, also provide information about returning home and recovering after a disaster.
  • The Ministry of Transportation provides information on route information and road closures.
  • Emergency Info BC also provides information on active emergencies throughout the province.

Navigating the BC Wildfire Service website

When you are looking for wildfire information on the BC Wildfire Service website, here are a few tips.

1. Check the Wildfires of Note page for the latest information on wildfires that are particularly visible or pose a threat to public safety.

This page provides detailed information on wildfires that are considered of note. These fires are indicated with a flame icon on the Interactive Wildfire Map. If a fire on the interactive map does not appear on the Wildfires of Note page, it is not considered highly visible or a potential threat to public safety.

2. Use the Interactive Wildfire Map to see the location and details of wildfires in B.C.

On the “Active Wildfires” tab, you will see current wildfires that are considered “out of control.” A red dot indicates the fire was discovered in the last 24 hours. An orange dot means the fire has been active for over 24 hours. Wildfires are removed from the map once their status is updated to “being held,” “under control” or “out.”

The “All Current Year Wildfires” tab shows all fires from the current fire season starting on April 1, including fires that are considered being held, under control or out.

When you click on a wildfire dot, click the arrow to see basic details about the fire. Only wildfires of note have detailed information provided with regular updates, such as the number of crews and firefighting tactics.

3. See a list of all current wildfires by region or throughout the province on the All Current Wildfires page.

This page lists all the wildfires in the Cariboo Fire Centre that are larger than 0.01 hectares and all wildfires of note. The page is updated once a day at midnight, so keep that in mind when you are comparing this information with the Interactive Wildfire Map, which shows fires discovered in the last 24 hours. If the incident is a wildfire of note, you can click on the fire number to see more details.

If you are looking at the list of all wildfires throughout the province, note that fire numbers in the Cariboo Fire Centre start with a “C.”

From the BC Wildfire Service home page, you can find this information by clicking on the “Current Wildfire Activity” section and scrolling down to the “All Current Wildfires” heading.

4. Check for current fire bans in the Cariboo Fire Centre on the Fire Bans and Restrictions page.

To report a violation of current fire bans, call 1-800-663-5555 toll-free or *5555 on a cellphone. You should also use this number to report an unattended campfire or a wildfire.

Resources for emergency information

The following is a list of some of the emergency resources available for Cariboo residents. This is not a comprehensive list, but it points to the most relevant sources of emergency information.

BC Wildfire Service

Cariboo Regional District


Local Municipalities

Air Quality & Smoke Forecasts



Drive BC – Ministry of Transportation

Resource Road Closures


Rec Sites and Trails Closures


(check under the Alerts and Closures tabs)

BC Parks Closures


BC Hydro



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