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Tipping Fees change at Central Cariboo Transfer Station for 2019

Dec 14, 2018

In 2019, Cariboo Regional District and City of Williams Lake residents will see changes to the rates and free disposal weight limits at the Central Cariboo Transfer Station on Frizzi Road. The changes come as the City and CRD move towards a user pay system where residents who are generating above average amounts of waste pay a fee instead of taxpayers covering those costs.

As of January 4, 2019, residents will be able to drop off 100 kilograms of waste for free at the transfer station, which is a decrease from the current limit of 200 kilograms without charge. Any loads over 100 kg will be charged for the entire weight of the load.

Waste disposal rates are changing as well. The rates apply to residential loads over 100 kilograms and to all commercial loads, regardless of weight.

Waste Type Rate as of Jan. 4, 2019 2018 Rate
Household waste $0.08 per kg $0.07 per kg
Clean wood waste $0.08 per kg $0.07 per kg
FireSmart wood waste FREE FREE
Asphalt roofing waste $0.08 per kg $0.08 per kg
Demolition/Construction waste $0.20 per kg $0.20 per kg
Concrete & Rock $0.025 per kg $0.023 per kg

Since most people’s loads are household waste and weigh less than 100 kilograms, most users at the site will not be affected by these changes. So far in 2018, over 35,000 vehicles have crossed the scale at CCTS with household waste and the average weight of all these loads was 36 kilograms.

Currently, the actual cost of managing household waste in the Central Cariboo is over $0.10 per kg ($100 per tonne); however, fees for household waste are only $0.08 per kilogram ($80 per tonne) for residential loads over 100 kilograms and all commercial load weights. The remaining costs are paid through taxation. By moving towards a user pay system, users will pay for their extra waste rather than all taxpayers.

Starting in 2020, the CRD will be developing its next 10-year Solid Waste Management Plan. User pay systems, rates and recycling participation will be reviewed as the plan develops.

A few reminders about waste disposal:

  • Wood waste and debris from FireSmart activities will still be accepted free at the Central Cariboo Transfer Station (and all CRD disposal sites) in 2019 regardless of weight or residential or commercial origin.
  • Please make sure to pre-sort clean wood waste, metals and recyclables out of demolition and construction waste. Not only does this help with waste disposal, but it decreases the weight and saves users money on the cost of their load.
  • There is a landfill ban on recyclables including, but not limited to: deposit beverage containers; pharmaceuticals; used oil; empty oil containers; oil filters; paints; lead-acid batteries; antifreeze; antifreeze containers; electronics; electrical products including batteries and accessories; passenger and light truck tires; large and small appliances; scrap metal; clean wood waste; corrugated cardboard; and office paper.
  • For more information on what can be recycled and where please visit rcbc.ca.

Find hours of operation, recycling information and the tipping fees bylaw for the Central Cariboo Transfer Station HERE. For more information, contact the CRD at 1-800-665-1636 or talktrash@cariboord.ca.


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