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Have your say on the CRD's budget

Jan 22, 2019

The Cariboo Regional District Board has endorsed the CRD’s draft 2019 budget and is looking for public input before the final version is adopted. An easy-to-understand summary of the 2019 budget has been developed and residents are encouraged to review the summary and take a short survey to share their opinion. Meetings will also be held in February to discuss budgets facing significant tax increases.

“With our 2019 budget, the CRD Board is balancing our goals of providing quality services, maintaining infrastructure and ensuring sustainable funding,” states CRD Finance Chair Steve Forseth. “As we plan and work to deliver on those goals, we want to hear from our residents about what they think of our service levels and the value they receive from their taxes.”

For 2019, the CRD’s budgeted expenditures are increasing from $48.3 million to $48.9 million. In terms of taxation, the CRD is proposing collecting 3.2% more taxes than 2018. Three new services are being added in 2019, following the public assent processes: North Cariboo Airport Service, Benjamin Water Utility Service and Lexington Water Utility Service.

The majority of the CRD’s services are seeing no tax increase or minimal tax increases to account for inflation. There are a few other services, though, seeing notable tax or user fee increases in 2019, in addition to the new services. Taxation is proposed to increase for the Emergency Planning Service, Solid Waste Management Services, Invasive Plant Management Service and 150 Mile Fire Protective Area Service. User fee increases are planned for the Alexis Creek and Red Bluff Sewer Services.

The CRD’s Chief Financial Officer, Scott Reid, provides a five-year outlook for the CRD’s budget: “In general, we are seeing increased financial pressures on many of our services. Our overarching goal is to deliver our services cost-effectively with minimal tax impacts, but we are reaching the point where tax increases are becoming necessary in certain services over the next several years to maintain our service levels and meet changing regulations.”

The Regional District Board of Directors and staff encourage all residents to review the budget documents and provide feedback by prior to the budget’s final adoption on March 22, 2019. Take the survey by Feb. 19, email mailbox@cariboord.ca or call the Chief Financial Officer at 250-392-3351.

The following budget meetings have also been scheduled. Users of the Alexis Creek Sewer can expect a letter within the next week with more information on the user fee changes.

Red Bluff Sewer Budget Meeting

Feb. 5, 2019 from 3:30-6:30 p.m.

The Lodge, 262 Maple Heights Road

Drop in any time to discuss (no formal presentation)

150 Mile Fire Protection Budget Meeting

Feb. 13, 2019 @ 7 p.m.

150 Mile Community Hall

Presentation will start at 7 p.m.

Visit cariboord.ca/budget for more information:

  • A summary document of the CRD’s 2019 budget for details on the proposed tax increases and the reasons for them.
  • A chart outlining the proposed tax rates for each of the CRD’s 130 services.
  • The 2019 business plans for each service.
  • Detailed reports on the CRD’s draft five-year financial plan (2019-2023).

Paper copies of the budget documents will be available for viewing at all three CRD offices and in the CRD Branch Libraries in 100 Mile House, Quesnel and Williams Lake, along with copies of the survey.


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