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CRD Board Highlights - May 3, 2019

May 7, 2019

Audited Financial Statements

Chartered Accountant JoAnn Francis, from PMT Chartered Accountants/Business Advisors LLP, presented the CCRHD and CRD’s 2018 audited financial statements. For inquiries, contact the CRD’s Chief Financial Officer at 1-800-665-1636. The 2019 financial plans and business plans are posted at cariboord.ca/budget.

Stanley Hotel Registered as CRD Heritage Building

The Cariboo Regional District Board approved the Heritage Committee’s recommendation to add the Stanley/Lightning Hotel to the CRD’s heritage registry. The Lightning Hotel, also known as the Stanley Hotel, is an 1870s style roadhouse in the old gold mining community of Stanley, east of Quesnel.

The heritage registry provides formal recognition for historic places and serves as a tool towards having the property added to the provincial heritage registry and being registered federally on the Canadian Register of Historic Places.

The Stanley Hotel is also featured in the Heritage Committee’s historic driving tour. Use our interactive guide or download the brochure at cariboord.ca/heritage.

Funding for 108 Wildlife Safety Group

The Board of Directors approved $500 from the Electoral Area G Director’s Initiative Funds for the 108 Mile Ranch Wildlife Safety Group. The group will use the funds for supplies for meetings, public education and presentations as they work to educate community members on best practices for living, working and recreating safely alongside wildlife.

Willoughby Place Streetlighting Petition Fails

CRD staff recently conducted a petition to establish a new streetlighting service for five properties on Willoughby Place, off Dog Creek Road near Williams Lake. With only two petitions received back, the petition process was not successful and the streetlighting service will not move forward.

Crisis Communication Plan Developed

The Board of Directors endorsed the CRD’s newly developed Crisis Communications Plan. The plan will guide the CRD’s communications for all crises, emergencies or disasters. One of the recommendations from the Cariboo Chilcotin 2017 Wildfires Report and a subsequent business plan goal for the Communications Department was to create a Crisis Communications Plan for the CRD.

Fire Truck AAPs Successful

In March and April, the CRD held alternative approval processes (AAP) to use 10-year debt financing to purchase fire engines for the Forest Grove, Kersley and Lone Butte volunteer fire departments. With no opposition forms received, the CRD will be moving ahead to purchase the new fire engines this year. Read more: bit.ly/2JdRX0D

FireSmart Program Considered

The Electoral Area Directors have requested staff investigate options for a FireSmart Property Education Program throughout the region. Staff will bring back options for the Board’s consideration.

Upcoming Meetings:

CCRHD & CRD Boards – May 24

Board on the Road – June 6 & 7 in Quesnel

See the full CCRHD and CRD agenda at cariboord.ca/agendasminutes.


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