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South Cariboo recreation taxation boundary change moves ahead

Aug 26, 2019

Changing the South Cariboo recreation taxation boundary takes a step forward after the Cariboo Regional District Board released an in-camera resolution to potentially hold a referendum in June 2020. The proposal considers changing the taxation boundary for the South Cariboo recreation service from a limited area surrounding the District of 100 Mile House to include all of South Cariboo Electoral Areas G, H and L.

“This is a positive next step for our recreation service in the South Cariboo,” says Margo Wagner, South Cariboo Joint Committee co-chair. “The new boundary will more accurately reflect all the residents that benefit from the recreation facilities and activities that contribute to the quality of life in the South Cariboo – both the direct benefits from the facilities and the indirect benefits that recreation and culture play in our local economy and in recruiting and retaining residents.”

The resolution endorses the recommendation made by the South Cariboo Joint Committee to try to change the taxation boundary. In February 2019, the South Cariboo Joint Committee reviewed the strategic priorities for recreation in the South Cariboo and decided to explore changing the taxation boundary for all existing South Cariboo recreation services before considering new major construction projects.

“We started considering a taxation boundary change well before the mill closure announcements; but, even in that light, the Joint Committee feels this remains a worthwhile project. Especially since it was a request we heard during the public engagement around the South Cariboo Rec Centre expansion,” states Mitch Campsall, South Cariboo Joint Committee co-chair. “Providing public services like recreation and cultural facilities in a cost-responsible and efficient manner is a key action local government can do to support, stabilize and help grow the local economy.”

“Our next steps now will be a public engagement process. The feedback from that process will go back to the Joint Committee before officially deciding to hold a referendum,” Wagner adds. “We will be putting out some information this fall, but most of the public engagement will take place in the winter and spring of 2020.”

The South Cariboo recreation service currently covers portions of Electoral Areas G, H and L and all of the District of 100 Mile House. In 2019, the residential property tax rate for the service is about $45 per $100,000 of assessed residential value.

With the proposed new taxation boundary expanding to include all of Electoral Areas G, H and L, the cost of delivering existing recreation and culture services will not change. However, with the larger taxation area, the new residential property tax rate would be about $21 per $100,000.

A referendum will be required to move forward the proposed boundary change. In a potential referendum, eligible voters will have to live or own property within the new areas of the proposed taxation area, meaning they do not pay the recreation tax now. Residents in the current taxation boundary will not be able to vote because they are already within the service area and pay taxes to the existing service.

To learn more, read a Frequently Asked Questions document or see a map of the proposed boundary at cariboord.ca/southcariboorec.


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