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Wayne Charlton

Mar 12, 2014

Wayne CarltonWayne Charlton has been President of the Kersley Community Association for 11 & ½ years now, and has been installed by acclamation each and every year. Not a day goes by that Wayne is not involved with some community matter.

At the Kersley Community Hall, Wayne has been involved with a massive extension and renovations. He was involved in the decision to give a portion of the Kersley park area to locate a new fire hall and then renovated and furnished the old fire hall himself for community use by the Brownies, Guides and two theatre groups. 

After the Kelowna fires of 2004, it was time to get to work at the Sisters' Creek Recreational Area to clear dead pine bordering a residential sub-division.  No money was available so, Wayne lined up some local equipment and lots of volunteers with chainsaws.  Wayne was in and out of the area each and every working day.  When Wayne was out of money, he sent a letter to the Ministry of Forests and Range in Victoria.  Kersely received $27,000!  Kersley became a model community who were doing something about the pine beetle problem.  Eventually Kersley received a total of $75,000 to finish this work.

In the coming year, Tourism BC grant money will be used for further planning of this recreational area.

In his spare time during the winter, Wayne does snowplowing at the hall and elsewhere for the community.


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