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Bouchie-Milburn neighbourhood plan continues to develop

Oct 16, 2019

The CRD has launched a second survey regarding the Bouchie-Milburn neighbourhood plan. Residents from the Bouchie and Milburn Lake areas are encouraged to participate and provide their feedback on topics like improving lake access, septic field concerns and property density in the area.

In July 2019, an initial survey was conducted regarding the neighbourhood plan with over 140 responses. The second survey builds on those results as well as subsequent project steering committee meetings and engagement at a community event in June. The questions dig deeper into identified concerns and topics of interest.

In the first survey, respondents indicated the top five favourite aspects of the community are the rural lifestyle, the friendly and welcoming community, access to recreation opportunities, affordable housing and agricultural and ranching opportunities. The second project newsletter outlines more results from the first survey, which can be found with the full survey results and a technical background report at cariboord.ca/bmnp.

To engage with the project, residents can visit CRD staff at the upcoming Bouchie Lake Halloween tailgate event and take the project survey. A community open house is also being planned over the coming winter months.

Take the project survey: https://bit.ly/2oNgbHs. The deadline is Nov. 15, 2019.

The goal of the Bouchie-Milburn neighbourhood plan is to identify a strategic approach to future development, environmental issues and other land use related priorities that may be identified by the community. CRD staff are working with a local steering committee, the area director and other community stakeholders to develop the plan with input from residents through surveys and events.

For the latest news and to download all project materials, visit cariboord.ca/bmnp.


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