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South Cariboo culture & recreation boundary referendum postponed

Dec 10, 2019

The South Cariboo Joint Committee has decided to slow down the process for a proposed expansion of the taxation boundary that supports recreation, arts and culture facilities in the South Cariboo. Originally, the goal was to hold a referendum on the topic in June 2020, but it has now been postponed to 2021.

“The South Cariboo Joint Committee heard the feedback from our residents and decided to slow down the process for a proposed boundary expansion,” explains Margo Wagner, co-chair of the South Cariboo Joint Committee.

“We are definitely still interested in this proposed expansion, but we want to take our time. Changing the boundary is a big decision and a complex process, so we want to make sure residents have the time they need to get information about the project and make an informed vote in a referendum.”

The Cariboo Regional District will continue to share information and meet with stakeholders about the project throughout 2020. However, the referendum is being rescheduled for June 2021.

The goal of the proposed new boundary is to more accurately reflect all the residents that benefit from the recreation, arts and culture facilities and activities that are important to the quality of life in the South Cariboo. These benefits can be direct for residents that use the facilities, or indirect through the important role recreation and culture plays in attracting and retaining people to the area, especially for locally under-served professions such as health care.

An updated Frequently Asked Questions document is available at cariboord.ca/southcariboorec along with an interactive map to search your address and see if you are in the current area or the proposed expansion area.

More information and opportunities for public engagement will take place in 2020.


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