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CRD Board Highlights - May 8, 2020

May 12, 2020

CCRHD Hospital Board Highlights

The Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital Board received 9 items from Northern and Interior Health for its consent calendar. A full list of reports and items is available on the meeting agenda (consent calendar - item 4).

Nursery equipment funding request received and approved

A request by the Cariboo Foundation Hospital Trust to provide funding by way of a Foundation Partnership Grant was received and approved. The funding (90,041.49) is 40% of the total estimated cost of $225,103.72 for nursery equipment purchases. 

Cariboo Regional District Board Highlights

The board heard from Member of Parliament Todd Doherty (Conservative) via teleconference to provide an update on various federal government activities and programs to mitigate the economic impacts of COVID-19 on Cariboo residents and businesses,  assist in disaster recovery.

Bylaw amendment given 1st and 2nd reading

The board gave first and second reading to Rural Land Use Amendment Bylaw No. 5256 -- for a special exemption to District Lot 11491 at 5082 S Likely Road. Adoption of the bylaw will be subject to applicants offering to enter into and entering into a covenant to ensure compliance with the CRD Shoreland Management Policy with respect to sewerage disposal and riparian protection. The cost of registration of the Shoreland Management Policy covenant will be borne by the applicants.

CRD Funding Support

A grant application from the 108 Mile Ranch Community Association to the Northern Development Initiative Trust for $23,000 in funding from the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities Program for the restoration of the Community Hall’s green space was received and supported in a unanimous vote.

Bouchie Lake community hall furnace funding

A proposal from the Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission for installation of a new energy-efficient furnace at the Bouchie Lake Community Hall was received and $5,900 for the project was approved from the 2020 Community Halls Improvements envelope of the Community Works Fund.

Grant application from the Tatlayoko Field Station Society received

A Grant for Assistance application from the Tatlayoko Field Station Society, requesting $1,000 for the creation of a website, multi-media promotional materials, and media assets for the newly established station, was received and approved from the Area J Grants for Assistance fund.

Lac La Hache Water Service 

An amendment to the CRD 2020 Five-Year Financial Plan, to reflect changes to the Lac La Hache Water Service was received and approved. It was also moved that a budget amendment bylaw be brought forward near year-end to show the CRD’s consolidated budget amendments. 

Three Bylaws Adopted

The following 3 bylaws were given three readings and adopted:

  • CRD Water Rates Bylaw No. 5264
  • CRD Security Issuing (Deka Lake Fire) Bylaw No. 5267 
  • CRD Security Issuing (Barlow Creek Fire) Bylaw No. 5268 

Emergency Operations Centre Report

CAO John MacLean gave a short presentation outlining the CRD's emergency response activities across the region to address flooding in late April and early May.

Directors’ Roundtable

Ken Falloon was appointed to the Bouchie Lake Recreation Commission upon the recommendation of Area ‘B’ Director Barb Bachmeier.

Upcoming Meetings:

CCRHD & CRD Meetings: Friday, May 29, 2020

See the full CRD agenda at cariboord.ca/agendasminutes  


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