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Roy Teed

Mar 12, 2014

Roy TeedMany of you know a familiar face in the North Cariboo and for that matter throughout the province. This edition's Hometown Hero is none other than Kersley's own playwright, Roy Teed.

Roy Teed has been writing all his life and for the stage in particular since 1987. He is a graduate (BFA) of the University of British Columbia where he majored in creative writing. He believes he's written over 30 plays (he lost count after 29) and is currently working on a new script with a working title of “Sweet Song Farewell”. Roy occasionally delves into fiction writing and recently had a short collection published under a pseudonym. 

Teed is the manager of the Kersley recreation function which includes the Arena and its programming as well as the Community Hall. He has lived in the Kersley area all his life and has been with the CRD since the New York Islanders ruled the Stanley Cup.


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