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CRD Board Highlights - October 2, 2020

Oct 6, 2020

Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District Board Highlights

For an online version of the CCRHD board meeting agenda, including agenda item summaries and reports please visit: CCHRHD Board Agenda October 2, 2020

Information Updates

The board received 10 items from Northern Health and Interior Health for its consent calendar. Representatives of Interior Health gave an update on service changes via teleconference.

Capital Project Updates

Chair Bob Simpson gave a verbal update on capital projects.

Cariboo Regional District Board Highlights

For an online version of the CRD board meeting agenda, including agenda item summaries and reports please visit: CRD Board Agenda October 2, 2020

Planning Bylaws

The board gave first and second reading to Bylaw 5284 and third reading to Bylaw 5285 (Area G).

Development Variance Permits

Two development variance permit applications in Areas E and L were brought before the board. A motion to reject the application in Item 6.1 (Area L) passed. The motion to approve Item 6.2 (Area E) also passed.

Development Permit Applications

An application for a development permit in Area G was approved subject to two conditions concerning construction adhering to approved design drawings and reseeding of disturbed areas.

Community Services

A proposal from the Gavin Lake Forest Education Society for installation of solar panels at the Gavin Lake Forest Education Centre, was received and a contribution of up to $25,278 for the project from the 2020 Community Hall Improvements envelope of the Community Works Fund was approved.


An agenda item summary from the CRD chief financial officer regarding the procedure to dispose of fire apparatus that has been replaced due to age was received.


An alternative approval process for the Maple Drive Streetlighting Establishment bylaw No. 5280 was approved.

The 2021 board meeting schedule was received.

An intentions paper by the Ministry of Agriculture on proposed changes to rural slaughter within BC, was received.

An agenda item summary from John M. MacLean, Chief Administrative Officer, dated September 26, 2020, regarding the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program, was received, with direction given that staff work with the Mountain Resorts (Mount Timothy and Troll Mountain) on developing partner grant proposals and also bring forward grant proposals for the Board’s consideration, together with the partner applications, to the October 23 meeting.

An agenda item summary from CAO MacLean regarding correspondence from the Bouchie Milburn Community Planning Team was received, with the board confirming the current model of management for recreation and cultural assets in Bouchie Milburn and no further action taken.

Bylaw Enforcement

Two agenda item summaries concerning unsightly premises were received with direction given to invite the property owners to the November 13 board meeting to show cause as to why the Board should not proceed with enforcement.

Fire Protection Bylaw 5272 Alternative Approval Process

The board authorized an alternative approval process for Cariboo Regional District Lac La Hache Fire Protection Loan Authorization Bylaw No. 5272, 2020 regarding 10 year financing for the purchase of a new fire truck for the Lac La Hache volunteer fire department.

Letter of Support – FLNRORD LIDAR Project

A request from the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development for a letter of support for their proposed LIDAR mapping project for the Quesnel Timber Supply Area was received and approved.

Consent Calendar

Three items were received to the Board Consent Calendar (Items 11.1.1 to 11.1.3).

Committee Minutes and Recommendations

The minutes of the South Cariboo Regional Airport Commission meeting, held September 2, 2020, were received.

Commissioner Mitch Campsall was nominated for the position of Chair of the South Cariboo Regional Airport Commission for the year 2021. Directors Al Richmond, Margo Wagner, and Willow MacDonald and members-at-large Ken Greenall, Les Kallos, and Larry Davis were appointed to the commission.

A request for theSouth Cariboo Regional Airport Management and Operations agreement be transferred from Nick’s Rag and Tube to Donahue Airfield Services at the same term and conditions as the existing agreement, was approved.

A recommendation that a grant application be submitted to the Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program grant program for $2,000,000 in funding to support a $4,500,000 runway overlay at the South Cariboo Regional Airport was endorsed. $2.5 million in matching funding is to be included in the South Cariboo Regional Airport financial plan should the grant application be successful.

A recommendation from the South Cariboo Regional Airport Commission meeting that the Regional District enter into a three-year term Automated Weather Observing System and Altimeter Maintenance contract with MS Navigation at the same conditions as the existing agreement with Spencer Navigation was endorsed.

The minutes of the September 10 Committee of the Whole meeting were received. A recommendation that staff research the the possible involvement of First Nations communities at the board table and identify potential opportunities.

Policy Committee

The minutes of the Sept. 15 Policy Committee were received. In light of recent changes to Agricultural Land Commission policies, a policy for addressing ALR exclusion applications from private landowners was considered and referred to the North Cariboo Agricultural Development Advisory Committee and Advisory Planning Commissioners.

Central Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus

The minutes of the September 16 Rural Directors Caucus meeting were received and the renewal of the Williams Lake Fringe Fire Protection Services agreement was endorsed.

Central Cariboo Joint Committee

The minutes of the September 16 meeting of the Committee were received and a funding application for an arena dressing room expansion at Cariboo Memorial Recreation Complex was endorsed, with matching funds to be identified in the 2021 Central Cariboo Recreation Plan.

South Cariboo Joint Committee Minutes

The minutes of the September 17 meeting of the South Cariboo Joint Committee were received. A recommendation to support a community request for an outdoor skating rink at 100 Mile House and allocate up to $10,000 towards development of the project was endorsed, with further improvements to be included in the 2021 capital budget as necessary.

South Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus

The minutes of the September 17 meeting of the South Cariboo Rural Directors Caucus were received. A joint use agreement between School District 27, Thompson Rivers University, the City of Williams Lake, District of 100 Mile House, and the Cariboo Regional District was renewed for a three year term.


The Lexington Water Service Boundary Expansion Bylaw No. 5287, 2020 was received and read a first, second and third time.

Chair Report

A Chair report to October 1 was received.

Upcoming Meetings:

CCRHD & CRD Meetings: Friday, October 23, 2020

See the full CCHRD and CRD agenda at cariboord.ca/agendasminutes.


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