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CRD Board Highlights - October 23, 2020

Nov 3, 2020

Cariboo Chilcotin Regional Hospital District Board Highlights

For an online version of the CCRHD board meeting agenda, including agenda item summaries and reports please visit: CCHRHD Board Agenda October 23, 2020

Information Updates

The board received 3 items from Northern Health and Interior Health for its consent calendar.

Capital Project Updates

Chair Bob Simpson gave a verbal update on a regional Recruitment and Retention strategy for healthcare professionals.


Cariboo Regional District Board Highlights

For an online version of the CRD board meeting agenda, including agenda item summaries and reports please visit: CRD Board Agenda October 23, 2020


The Board heard from Julie Steciw, Wildlife biologist with the Cariboo Natural Resource Region to provide and update on species at risk within the CRD.

Stephanie Masun, Community Liaison Program Coordinator, and Wylie Bystedt, Recovery Manager, Flood 2020, appeared before the Board to provide an update on recovery activities related to flooding during the spring and summer.

Planning Bylaws

Bylaws 5256 (Area F) and 5286 (Area L) were given third reading.

Bylaw 5289 (Williams Lake Fringe Area Official Community Plan Amendment) was given three readings and adopted.

Bylaw 5210 (Area G) and Bylaws 5269 and 5270 (Area A) were adopted.

Development Variance Permit Applications

Two development variance permits in Area D were approved (DVP20200030 and DVP20200033).

Agricultural Land Commission Applications

A Provincial Agricultural Land Commission application for a soil or fill use within the Agricultural Land Reserve, was received and submitted to the Provincial Agricultural Land Commission with a recommendation for approval.

Community Services

Up to $23,000 in funding from the 2020 Community Hall Improvement envelope of the Community Works fund was approved for the installation of roof insulation and any other related services to be performed at the 100 Mile House Community Hall.

An application from the CRD to the Northern Development Initiative Trust for $20,000 in funding from the Business Façade Improvement program, to encourage private sector investment in local business improvements in the region, was received and supported.

An application from the CRD to the Northern Development Initiative Trust for $30,000 in funding, as part of the upgrade project for the Bouche Lake Outdoor Rink, was received and referred to the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee.

A motion to support three partnership applications to the Community Economic Recovery Infrastructure Program was carried. The projects are upgrades to allow for operation under COVID-19 regulations (including creation of outdoor amenities) at Mount Timothy Resort ($500,000) and Troll Mountain Resort ($100,000). The third application is for $300,000 to correct runway terrain at Anahim Lake Airport.

A motion to refer a $210,000 funding request for compressor and header trench replacement at the Quesnel Twin Arenas’ Arena Two to the North Cariboo Joint Planning Committee for consideration of other funding sources was carried.

Development Services

A request from Director Forseth to increase the maximum membership for Advisory Planning Commissions was received and approved, with the total number of members allowed raised from ten (10) to fourteen (14) persons.


The Monthly Expenditures Board Summary Report and Mastercard Summary Report for the month of September 2020, was received and ratified.


The 2021 meeting schedule was received and endorsed.

Board Reports and Correspondence

6 items were received to the Board consent calendar.

A motion to invite Dr. Phil Owens fo UNBC to speak to an upcoming board meeting regarding the impacts to Quesnel Lake and the Quesnel River system from the Mount Polley tailings pond breach of 2014 was carried.


Six bylaws (5271, 5273, 5274, 5275, 5276, 5277) authorizing loans for new fire equipment for Regional fire departments were received and approved as part of an alternative approval process. The volunteer departments are Interlakes, Ten Mile, West Fraser, Wildwood, Forest Grove, and Deka Lake.

A bylaw (5287) expanding the boundary of the Lexington Water Service area was received and adopted.

Chair Report

A report from Chair Margo Wagner, for the period up to and including October 21, 2020, was received.

Upcoming Meetings:

CCRHD & CRD Meetings: Friday, November 13, 2020

See the full CCHRD and CRD agenda at cariboord.ca/agendasminutes.


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