Guide to Facility Use

Facility Use

Improper use of CRD refuse sites by some users has contributed to the need for controlled sites. Sites that are not currently scheduled for controls will be evaluated to determine if controls are required. It is up to the users of each site to use them appropriately and report improper use.

Wood and Metals Yards

Wood and metals yards are provided for the storage of clean wood and metals and appliances ONLY. Oversized items such as furniture, mattresses, and fiberglass items; or recyclables such as tires or used oil; or trailer/dump truck loads of asphalt shingles or other demolition debris do not belong in these yards. Refer to the Waste Types info sheet under resources in the side bar for definitions of clean wood and metals.

Share Sheds

Share sheds are provided for the re-use of general household items that are in good condition. Please take clothing to your local thrift store, as they quickly deteriorate in share sheds. All electronics and small appliances should be dropped off at your local product stewardship depot, rather than a share shed. Refer to the recycling brochures in the side bar for depot locations.

Tires, Used Oil and Other Product Stewardship Items

All product stewardship items such as tires, used oil, automotive coolant, oil filters, electronics, beverage containers, compact fluorescent lights, batteries (household and auto), medications, paints, flammable liquids, pesticides, and cell phones can be dropped off at local depots for recycling. Refer to the recycling brochures in the side bar for depot locations.

Transfer Station Bins

Transfer station bins are for the containment of household /mixed waste, and small amounts of demolition and construction debris. Insure doors are closed after use to keep wildlife out, never put hot ashes or burning material into a bin.

Landfill Trenches

Transfer station bins are for disposal of household/mixed waste, and demolition/construction debris. Use caution at the tipping edge for your safety. Never put hot ashes or burning material into a trench.

Household Recyclables

Household recycling access will be provided at several CRD sites during 2014. Stay tuned for more information coming soon.

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