Proposed North Cariboo Airport Service

The CRD is proposing a new North Cariboo Airport Service. The City of Quesnel owns and operates the Quesnel Regional Airport. The airport requires a contribution from local taxpayers to maintain operations, in addition to revenue from airport users and passengers.

As rural areas of the North Cariboo receive the economic and social benefits of the airport, the Cariboo Regional District is proposing a new tax for rural areas to support the airport. Read more about the proposed service in our Frequently Asked Questions document in the sidebar.

In order to establish the proposed new North Cariboo Airport contribution service, the Cariboo Regional District must hold a referendum. The goal is to hold the referendum in conjunction with the local government general election in October 2018. All eligible voters within electoral areas A, B, C and I will be able to vote in the referendum.

More details will be posted over the coming months.



The Cariboo Regional District owns and operates three airports throughout the region:

  • South Cariboo Regional Airport (108 Mile House)
  • Anahim Lake Airport
  • Likely Airstrip

Role of an Airport in the Community

Airports bring many benefits to the communities around them.

  • Airports connect communities to the air transportation network.
  • A community with an airport may become more attractive to industrial and commercial interests, which can improve the region's economic base.
  • An airport can become a focus for both commercial and recreational activities.
  • People with medical emergencies can be quickly transported from airports.

Airport Management

The South Cariboo Regional Airport and the Anahim Airport are overseen by airport commissions appointed by the Cariboo Regional District Board. The commissions consist of local taxpayers and Electoral Area Directors, who are responsible for the general administration of the airports. These bodies recommend annual budget levels, identify maintenance and improvement needs, and make recommendations to the Board regarding the airports' operation. The Likely Airstrip does not have an airport commission.

Airport Funding

The annual operating budget for each of the airports is collected through taxation on a local service-area basis. When large projects or improvements are required, the Cariboo Regional District may apply for funding from senior levels of government to cover costs that could not reasonably be generated through the local tax base.

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