Bylaw Enforcement

Bylaw Enforcement was implemented in 1992 to investigate complaints and regulate violations of Cariboo Regional District bylaws. This is a public service function.
Bylaw Enforcement actively enforces the following bylaws:

  1. Cariboo Regional District Zoning and Rural Land Use Bylaws
  2. Cariboo Regional District Untidy and Unsightly Premises Bylaw No. 4628
    Assistance is also provided in enforcement of:
  3. Cariboo Regional District Solid Waste Disposal Regulation Bylaw No. 2898
  4. Cariboo Regional District Building Bylaw No. 4818
  5. Cariboo Regional District Noise Bylaw No. 4713 (Applicable to Electoral Areas A, B, D, E, F, G, H and L following the Noise Regulation and Prohibition Amendment Bylaw No. 5103).
  6. Invasive Plants Bylaw No. 4740

Cariboo Regional District Zoning and Rural Land Use Bylaws refer to issues of permitted uses for a specific property. Each parcel of land is zoned to allow specified permitted uses. These permitted uses are determined by community, regional and provincial planning. Investigations relating to property use are generally initiated upon receipt of a formal public complaint but may also be initiated by the Bylaw Enforcement Officer.

Cariboo Regional District Untidy and Unsightly Premises Bylaw No. 4628 deals with issues of property maintenance. This refers problems such as accumulations of trash or debris on properties and the storage of derelict vehicles, building supplies, etc. Investigations relating to this bylaw are generally initiated by complaints being filed with the Cariboo Regional District.

Cariboo Regional District Noise Bylaw No. 4713 has been implemented only in designated areas of the Cariboo Regional District. This bylaw is enforced by CRD with assitance from local detachments of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Assistance is provided to the Cariboo Regional District Building Inspection and Environmental Services departments on an as-requested basis. Investigations result when action initiated by Building Inspection or Environmental Services management is not successful in obtaining compliance with regulations or bylaws.

Bylaw Enforcement - General Process

Investigations are, in general, the result of information filed with the Cariboo Regional District office when the location and circumstances are provided. Upon receipt of a formal complaint, the following procedures take place:

  1. Complaint has been received;
  2. This information is then forwarded to Bylaw Enforcement Department to determine the applicable zoning for the property, permitted uses, and whether a violation exists;
  3. The property in question is inspected to verify the complaint and the property owner, if available, is contacted;
  4. The property owner is formally notified of the violation and advised to rectify the situation in a specified time period;
  5. The property is again viewed, upon expiry of the designated period or upon being notified that the situation has been rectified;
  6. If the situation remains, legal action may be initiated by the Cariboo Regional District Bylaw Enforcement department. If the situation has been rectified, the property owner and complainant are advised that the file is closed.
  7. If enforcement measures, such as legal action or cleaning up a property are initiated, cost recovery methods are also initiated. Wherever possible the Cariboo Regional District will recover its bylaw enforcement costs.

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