Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Does the CRD have animal control bylaws?

A. The CRD does not have bylaws that address dogs at large (being off the owners property), dog licencing, cruelty to dogs or other animals. For further information, please contact your local S.P.C.A shelter.

Q. Does the CRD deal with aggressive or dangerous dogs?

A. No. However, there is provincial “ Dangerous Dog” legislation that the RCMP can enforce in certain cases. It is suggested that you contact the RCMP if you believe a dog is dangerous.

Q. Does the CRD deal with barking dogs?

A. The CRD does have a barking dog section in its noise bylaw however, the bylaw is only in effect in certain electoral areas (area A, B, D, E, F, G, H, L). Please contact the Bylaw Enforcement Department for further information or click on the links below to access the forms.

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Q. I have lodged a complaint. How long will it take for a Bylaw Enforcement Officer to investigate?

A. Currently, there is one Bylaw Enforcement Officer for the entire 80,000 sq. kms. of the CRD. Once a complaint is received by the Officer, it may take some time depending on his/her work load. Rest assured, though, that every complaint is investigated. Many times the Officer is working with the property owners to resolve the issue and is monitoring for compliance. Resources do not allow for an Officer to keep a complainant constantly informed of the investigation; however, feel free to contact the department once and a while for an update.

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