Central Cariboo Arts & Culture

The Central Cariboo Arts and Culture (CCAC) function was established in 2009 by Bylaw No. 4420. The new arts and culture service is designed to support the following activities across the central Cariboo area:

  1. arts and cultural services, which may include but will not be limited to fine arts, performing arts, historical and festival events, promotion of local crafts, music and market goods; and/or
  2. arts and culture facility development, improvement and maintenance.

The service area for this project includes the City of Williams Lake and Cariboo Regional District areas D, E, and F which encompasses the communities of Wildwood, McLeese Lake, Soda Creek, Dog Creek, Alkali Lake, Sugar Cane, 150 Mile House, Horsefly, Big Lake, and Likely.

Requisition is by way of a tax rate applied to the assessed value of land and improvements utilizing hospital district assessment. Through the bylaw, there will be dollars available to fund this program up to a maximum of $200,000 annually.
The Directors for Electoral Areas “D”, “E”, and “F” and the City of Williams Lake are responsible for the governance of this service, which is provided through the Central Cariboo/City of Williams Lake Joint Committee with advisory support from volunteers within the arts and culture sector. The Central Cariboo Joint Committee holds an open, public meeting once per month.


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