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Sub-regional Economic Development Services

As part of the Cariboo Regional District’s commitment to community economic development, the CRD has established and administers several services to support economic and community development activities at a sub-regional level. These services are primarily funded through taxes levied from benefitting properties, based on the assessed residential property values. For many of these services, the CRD has entered into partnership agreements with local organizations, committing funds for the delivery of services which promote economic and community development.

North Cariboo Economic Development

The North Cariboo Economic Development function was established through Bylaw No. 2586 in 1992.  The purpose of the service is to provide funding support through contributions for economic development activities in the service area, including Electoral Areas A, B, C and I.

Tourism infrastructure, including public outhouses at Deserter Creek, Bouchie Lake and Milburn Lake west of Quesnel, and at Stanley Cemetery and Blessings Grave on Highway 26, are supported through maintenance agreements with a contractor (2018-2019), the Bouchie Lake Stewardship Society (2017-2019) and the Friends of Barkerville (2018-2020). The service also supports a tourism support and project-based agreement with the City of Quesnel for the Quesnel Visitor Information Centre (2018-2020) and with the North Cariboo Agricultural Advisory Committee (2018-2020).

South Cariboo Economic Development

The South Cariboo Economic Development service was originally established through Bylaw No. 3573 in 2000. In 2004, Bylaw No. 3878 limited the service to Electoral Areas G and L. In 2007, Bylaw No. 4312 added Electoral Area H back into the function. The service was created to support and promote economic development in the South Cariboo. This service is provided through project and service delivery-based agreements with the 100 Mile Development Corporation and South Cariboo Chamber of Commerce.

Currently, there are two contribution agreements in place with the Development Corporation to support the South Cariboo Tourism Marketing Strategy (2019-2021), and operations of the Visitor Information Centre (2017-2019). Agreements are also in place to make contributions to the 100 Mile House sani-dump (2019-2021), to support tourism infrastructure and an advertising agreement with the Rotary Club of 100 Mile House (2019-2023) for its mobile stage.

Central Cariboo and Chilcotin Economic Development

The Central Cariboo and Chilcotin Economic Development function was established in 2019 to provide funding support toward economic development activities in the service area, including Electoral Areas D, E, F, J and K. This new service was created to promote economic development in important sectors such as tourism, agriculture, natural resources development and the retention and attraction of businesses and residents.

This service is provided through contracts for various economic development initiatives, which currently include three-year term Visitor Information Services support agreements with the Williams Lake and District Chamber of Commerce, the Horsefly Board of Trade, the Likely Chamber of Commerce, the 150 Mile Greenbelt, Trail and Heritage Society and the Community Services and Development Society of Alexis Creek.

The service also provides a contribution to the McLeese Lake Farmer’s Market Association to support the promotion and operation of the McLeese Lake Farmer’s Market.

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