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Volunteer Fire Departments

Alternative Approval Processes Completed - Barlow Creek & Deka Lake

The Barlow Creek and Deka Lake Volunteer Fire Departments have received residents' permission to use 10-year financing for their upcoming fire engine replacements.

The Alternative Approval Processes (AAP) finished on March 2 and no opposition forms were received. Now, we are moving ahead to purchase the new fire engines this year.

Upcoming Fire Truck Replacements

Volunteer fire departments must follow certain replacement schedules for their fire trucks to meet Canadian certification requirements. To meet those requirements, the CRD has a long-term replacement plan for its fire trucks. This plan aims to keep the tax impacts management for each fire truck replacement by coordinating a bulk purchasing agreement with standard yet customizable trucks, by adjusting the purchasing model to ten-year financing and by using a consistent approach with public assent processes. Using 10-year debt financing rather than 5-year financing requires resident’s permission, so there will be a public assent process, an alternative approval process or referendum, for each truck replacement to gain permission to use 10-year debt financing. 

The following VFDs will see truck replacements in the next few years. 

AAPs passed successfully in April 2019 to use 10-year debt financing to purchase fire engines at the Kersley, Lone Butte and Forest Grove volunteer fire departments. A referendum passed successfully for both Interlakes truck replacements (2019 & 2021) in August 2018. 

About Our VFDs

The Cariboo Regional District currently administers 14 volunteer fire departments throughout the region. All volunteer fire departments operated by the Cariboo Regional District are recognized for insurance purposes by the Fire Underwriters Survey. To see if your property is in a current fire protection area, please reference our Maps section of the website.

Become a Firefighter!

  • No previous experience necessary
  • All required personal protective equipment and training are provided at no cost
  • Only have to fill out an application form, driver’s abstract, and criminal record check
  • On Duty insurance coverage
  • Practice once a week for two hours
  • Help keep your community safe
  • Tax credits provided to volunteer firefighters from the federal government who serve at least 200 hours per year. 

To apply to become a volunteer firefighter, please contact your local department below.

108 Mile VFD           250-791-5715            108milevfdchief@cariboord.ca
150 Mile VFD           250-296-4647            150milevfdchief@cariboord.ca
Barlow Creek VFD    250-992-8444            barlowcreekvfdchief@cariboord.ca
Bouchie Lake VFD    250-249-5988            bouchielakevfdchief@cariboord.ca
Deka Lake VFD        250-593-4522            dekalakevfdchief@cariboord.ca
Forest Grove VFD    250-397-2122            forestgrovevfdchief@cariboord.ca
Interlakes VFD        250-593-4266            interlakesvfdchief@cariboord.ca
Kersley VFD            250-747-7432            kersleyvfdchief@cariboord.ca
Lac La Hache VFD    250-396-4112            laclahachevfd@cariboord.ca
Lone Butte VFD       250-395-3112            lonebuttevfdchief@cariboord.ca
Miocene VFD           250-296-4502            miocenevfdchief@cariboord.ca
Ten Mile VFD           250-992-1182            tenmilevfdchief@cariboord.ca
West Fraser VFD      250-992-2534           westfraservfdchief@cariboord.ca
Wildwood VFD         250-989-0089           wildwoodvfdchief@cariboord.ca

Fire Protection

The Cariboo Regional District has established mutual aid agreements between fire departments, which encourages a cooperative approach to maximizing the level of service provided to our constituents. The agreements allow equipment and manpower from departments to assist neighbouring fire departments in the case of large fires or concurrent incidents.

Mutual aid agreements are also in place with the three municipal fire departments: the District of 100 Mile House, the City of Williams Lake, and the City of Quesnel, as well as with several independent and First Nations fire departments.

For further information regarding fire protection services, contact the Manager of Protective Services by telephone at 250-392-3351 or toll free at 1-800-665-1636.

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