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Financial Department

Want to know where your tax dollars go? The Cariboo Regional District oversees more than 120 different services across the region. These include administrating our airports and library system and providing building inspection, bylaw enforcement, fire protection, planning, recreation, search and rescue, sewer, street lighting, waste management, water services, weed control, and 911 emergency services. With no deficit financing and over $85 million in assets, we have a strong and accountable financial track record.

The Finance Department is responsible for the overall financial management of the Cariboo Regional District. Our Chief Financial Officer and staff ensure that all information of a monetary nature is accurately recorded within the guidelines of the Local Government Act, the policies of the Cariboo Regional District, and generally accepted accounting principles.

The Finance Department also determines tax rates based on the approved business plans and financial budgets submitted by each department and endorsed by the CRD Board of Directors, along with current assessment information provided by the BC Assessment Authority.

Did you know that each of our service budgets is protected by a firewall? Unlike the provincial and federal governments, the Cariboo Regional District cannot transfer any monies from one service to another. This ensures that the money collected for a specific purpose is not used for another purpose.

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