Lac La Hache Area OCP

The Lac La Hache Area OCP was adopted on October 12, 2018.

In 1997, the Cariboo Regional District Board of Directors adopted the previous Lac La Hache Area Official Community Plan (OCP). It is recommended that OCP’s be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure they reflect community goals and aspirations, and reflect current government policies. In 2014, the review of the Lac La Hache Area OCP commenced with consultation occurring throughout the Plan development with the plan Advisory Committee.

The policies presented in the Lac La Hache OCP are structured to address the following goals. The Community Goals are not listed by priority, although maintaining the rural character of the community is an overriding focus.

  • Maintain the rural character of the community;
  • Minimize land use conflicts and environmental impacts by planning for safe and sustainable development;
  • Protect Lac La Hache and other watercourses from degradation and adverse environmental impacts;
  • Work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure to ensure a road system that is safe and secure for both vehicular and non-vehicular traffic;
  • Foster economic development opportunities that meet the needs of the community;
  • Support an active and healthy community, with access to adequate recreational opportunities and health services;
  • Work with the Agricultural Land Commission to protect agricultural land and encourage farming within the Agricultural Land Reserve;
  • Support and promote arts and cultural initiatives in the Lac La Hache Area;
  • Encourage the protection and promotion of the historical character of the Lac La Hache Area; and
  • Continue working with Provincial ministries, local First Nations, and other partners to attain these community goals.

Here is a map of the area the Lac La Hache OCP covers. To access a printable version, click HERE.  


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