Budget and Business Plans

2020 Budget

The Cariboo Regional District’s 2020 budget has been drafted and the Board is looking for public input before the final version is adopted.

An easy-to-understand summary of the budget has been developed and residents are encouraged to review the budget summary and resources and provide their feedback by March 11, 2020. The Board will consider all feedback prior to the budget’s final adoption on March 27, 2020.

Budget Resources:

  • A summary document of the CRD’s 2020 budget for details on the proposed tax increases and the reasons for them.
  • A chart outlining the proposed tax rates for each of the CRD’s 125 services.
  • The 2020 business plans for each service.
  • Detailed reports on the CRD’s draft five-year financial plan (2020-2024).

To send feedback:

Email mailbox@cariboord.ca or
Call the Chief Financial Officer at 250-392-3351

Budget Process

The Community Charter requires local governments to approve a five-year Financial Plan Bylaw each year by the end of March. We often refer to the Financial Plan as the Budget.

Each fall the CRD creates budgets for each of its services based on anticipated activities and priorities. Finance compiles all these budgets to make a draft financial plan.

Once the drafted financial plan is approved by the CRD Board, we revise the plan based on public input and Board priorities until we reach a final version. That final version allows us to develop the Financial Plan Bylaw.

The Financial Plan Bylaw must be adopted no later than March 31.

In the Financial Plan Bylaw, we set the property tax revenue we need for each service. This, in turn, forms the basis for your tax rates. The CRD Board may amend the financial plan by bylaw at any time during the five-year period.

Learn more about the relationship between property assessments and property taxes.

View this helpful video provided by BC Assessment.

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