South Cariboo Recreation & Culture

Proposed Taxation Boundary Change

The South Cariboo Joint Committee, which consists of CRD Electoral Area G, H and L Directors and District of 100 Mile House Council, has decided to slow down the process for a proposed expansion of the taxation boundary that supports recreation, arts and culture facilities in the South Cariboo. Originally, the goal was to hold a referendum on the topic in June 2020, but it has now been postponed to 2021.

The Cariboo Regional District is proposing to change the taxation boundary for the South Cariboo Recreation & Culture function from a limited area surrounding the District of 100 Mile House to include all of South Cariboo Electoral Areas G, H and L. 

The Regional District will continue to share information and meet with stakeholders about the project throughout 2020. However, the referendum is being rescheduled for June 2021. 

Read more about the project in our Frequently Asked Questions document

Use our interactive map below to see if your property is in the current service area or in the proposed expansion area. In the interactive map, the current boundary is shaded in yellow and the proposed expanded boundary is shaded in blue. To download a PDF version of the map, click here.  


About South Cariboo Recreation & Culture

The South Cariboo Recreation Centre (SCRC) includes a geothermal ice plant and heating system for the arena, curling rink and meeting rooms and was completed in 2003. Major capital improvements to facilitate event hosting have been completed including installation of comfortable seats, projection screens, wireless connectivity, bleacher heating and a digital advertising sign as well as the purchase of tables and chairs and a dry floor to cover the arena ice. A modular stage and storage capacity was added in 2011-2012.

The curling rink facility is currently managed by the 100 Mile and District Curling Club during the ice season and by Canlan Ice Sports during the off-season through agreements with the Cariboo Regional District. During the off-season, the facility is used for a variety of non-ice activities such as the Fall Fair and graduation ceremonies.

The Cariboo Regional District also owns recreational lands adjacent to the Recreation Centre that are made available to recreation groups. There are currently two ball diamonds and equestrian ground facilities located on the land. The multi-use ball fields are maintained through an agreement with the District of 100 Mile House. Scheduling use of the ball fields is included in the Recreation Management Agreement with Canlan Ice Sports.

The Cariboo Regional District also has entered into agreements with the District of 100 Mile for the operation of local soccer fields and the Martin Exeter Hall Complex.

The 108 Beach program, for maintenance of Main Beach, West Beach and Stewart Beach, is also part of this function and is provided through an agreement with the 108 Mile Ranch Community Association.

The Directors for Electoral Areas “G”, “H” and “L” and the District of 100 Mile House are responsible for the governance of this function. This group meets as the South Cariboo Joint Committee in open public meetings each month.

The South Cariboo Recreation function was established through Bylaw No. 4617 in 2010 through the merger of three existing recreation services: Arena (Bylaw No. 3703), Curling Rink (Bylaw No. 4616) and Programming (Bylaw No. 3952). The merger was undertaken to create a common taxation boundary and for administrative efficiency of the three existing services. See a map of the South Cariboo Recreation Boundary here. 

The function was amended in 2013 through the adoption of Bylaw No. 4837, broadening the description of services to include arts and culture.

Recreational facilities and services in the South Cariboo include:

  • South Cariboo Recreation Centre, located at 175 Airport Road;
  • 100 Mile & District Curling Rink at the Recreation centre;
  • Ball Fields at Lumberman’s Park and Robinson Park;
  • Equestrian Grounds at the Recreation Centre;
  • Soccer Fields;
  • Martin Exeter Hall Complex;
  • Main Beach, West Beach and Stewart Beach at the 108 Mile Ranch.

The recreational facilities in the South Cariboo are owned by the Cariboo Regional District and operated under contract by Canlan Ice Sports Corp. Click to access Canlan's website.

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